Aerial photographs give a fantastic view of your forest stands and blocks. They are great for understanding the extent of any wind blow damage as well as planning your felling operations.

With extensive experience managing felling operations on renewable energy construction projects I fully appreciate the value that up to date aerial photographs and maps give to the forest manager.

With a combination of aerial photography based maps and GIS systems such as QGIS or ArcGIS drones allow the collection of current information for the planning and analysis of your woodland or forest that you manage. You don’t have to rely on online images that may be out of date.

Drones allow you to inspect stands of timber or coupes for windblown areas following high winds.

Drone footage can provide information there and then through the live video feed back to the ground controller and photographs and video can be supplied for later analysis.

More extensive aerial mapping can be carried out through a combination of ‘autonomous’ flights and GIS applications to provide geo-referenced aerial images for you to use within your own GIS software.

If you don’t have your own software area analysis and data can be provided if required.