Flying at the Forestry Expo 2019

Aerial Perspective Drones was approached by Komatsu Forestry to film and photograph their latest forestry timber harvesters and forwarders on display at the Forestry Expo 2019 for display on their large video screen situated outside their stand. This included live-streaming athe video feed from the drone onto the screen as the machines were working in the forest. Some technical challenges!

Using a combination of really long HDMI cables and the output from the tablet used as the drone control screen we were able to mirror the controllers screen to the display board. For more flexibility we also made use of the ‘live streaming’ feature build into the DJI Go app used to control the drone. This allows streaming to the likes of Facebook or Youtube. There is a ‘Custom’ option that can be used in conjunction with a portable router to set up a private wifi network to allow more flexibility (not being tethered to an HDMI cable!) but this introduced a certain amount of ‘lag’. Although not a show stopper it was a comprimise.

A great experience!