Using a drone on your farm gives you an ‘Eye in the Sky’ that allows a overall view of your fields but can also let you see the details using its high resolution camera.

Aerial Perspective Drones can cover a field quickly allowing a large area to be mapped in a cost effective manner giving you results immediately. With further processing of the captured images a detailed aerial ‘map’ of your fields or farm can be delivered. Typically a resolution of 1 pixel – 1″ on the ground can be achieved. This delivers a good comprimise between covering the ground and delivering great detail.

Within operational and legal limits, a trade off between speed and detail (resolution) can be tailored to suit your requirements – lower altitude = more details.

Detail of Oil Seed Rape crop - Aerial Perspective Drones

Crop Surveys

Drones are the easiest way of getting an picture of the state of your fields and crops without planes or helicopters. They provide near immediate feedback of the whole area rather than localised spots that you see when walking through the crop.

A lot of useful information can be gained from an aerial view – but, in addition, a ‘Plant Health’ view gives a great comparison of the health of the crop across the field(s) covered by the map. Not quite true NDVI1Normalized Difference Vegetation Index the Plant Health map highlights variability in the ‘greens’ , comparing the colours across that map as opposed to an absolute value.

In addition to crop surveys aerial images and maps help in identifying an number of issues on a farm, from building and roof problems, blocked or damaged guttering and land drainage problems.

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