Building Inspection

Until recently any higher level inspection of property, buildings or roofing required either ladders, ‘cherry pickers’ (mobile elevated work platforms – MEWPS) or scaffolding.

These methods are either dangerous, expensive or require a lot of time and training to install and operate. Even then they often do not allow a thorough view of the roof.

Aerial Perspective Drones can offer real-time video through a direct link to the controller on the ground allowing a birds-eye-view of the structure and roof as well as hi-resolution still images and video for later review.

Broken flag roof

In many circustances a drone removes the need for anybody to be ‘Working At Height’ improving safety, removing the risk of falls and, potentially, offering a large cost saving on the hiring of equipment or scaffolding. If you think Aerial Perspective Drones could help you inspect your property safely and cost effectively please get in touch or call 07810 111 800 and we can discuss