Aerial Perspective Drones live streaming to the big screen at Forestry Expo 2019
Live streaming to the big screen at Forestry Expo 2019

Aerial Perspective Drones provide aerial photography and video services in the North of England and the Borders as well as Caithness in Scotland (Wick, Thurso etc).

Whether it’s for property inspection, crop surveys or property promotion aerial imagery adds a different perspective. Aerial Perspective Drones can help bring a different view.

Property Photography

Aerial Perspective Drones now offers canvas or framed prints. See the Prints and Canvases page for more information.

Adding aerial photos and / or video clips of the property you are looking to sell helps add an extra dimension to your listing.

If you think Aerial Perspective Drones could help you promote your property please take a look at our Property Photography page and get in touch or call 07810 111 800 and we can discuss.

Rabbit Hill Business Park, North Yorkshire

Building Inspection

Until recently any higher level inspection of property, buildings or roofing required either ladders, ‘cherry pickers’ (mobile elevated work platforms – MEWPS) or scaffolding.

To see if Aerial Perspective Drones could carry out your high-level inspections please look at our Building Inspection page and call on 07810 111 800 or send us a message.
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Farm Surveys

Using a drone on your farm gives you an ‘Eye in the Sky’ that allows a overall view of your fields but can also let you see the details using its high resolution camera.

In addition to crop surveys aerial images and maps help in identifying an number of issues on a farm, from building and roof problems, blocked or damaged guttering and land drainage problems.

Forestry Imaging and Mapping

If you are involved with managing woodland and need current aerial images of your stands or coupes for planning or management purposes Aerial Perspective Drones can help you get the data you need.

To see more on how we can help you with your forestry requriements take a look at our Forestry Imaging and Mapping page.